Child Development Center Safety Week-皇冠hg会员登录
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Publish Date: Oct. 20, 2023

Children and instructors with safety dummy

A non-emergency introduction to safety is an important part of early learning at the Crafton Hills College Child Development Center.

Interim Director of the Child Development Center, Heather Stephens stated, “We know that emotions can be overwhelming when in a true emergency. For children this is even more true, and that can result in children hiding or running away from the people who are there to help.” 

Being a part of the CHC campus community provides a unique opportunity that allows the center’s 3–5-year-old students direct access to public safety and allied health programs. Throughout the week, the students were able to explore the equipment, vehicles, uniforms, and people that they would encounter in an emergency in a secure, fun, and young child friendly manner.

“Knowing what to expect takes a lot of the pressure off young children- making even an emergency- less scary,” continued Stephens. 

The children also participated in the Great Shake Out on Friday October 20, where program staff tied the week’s lessons together in play. “We had an emergency response center, pretend fire trucks, and safety puzzles. We wore uniforms, we read and made our own safety stories, and we practiced all the ways we can keep ourselves safe,” concluded Stephens.